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The Most Popular Slot Games in New Zealand

The online casinos in New Zealand have always worked quite hard in a bid to be able to provide the lovers of the games with some of the most fun slot games, that are super fun to play. New Zealand is actually quite known for its vast variety of online slot games that have gained much popularity over time. Players are therefore able to find amazing slot machine games as well as poker games and video cards from these slot games, that are very interesting to play. Most of these fun slot machine games can be played on online casinos. Listed and discussed in depth below are some of the top online slots in New Zealand that players can play at for opportunities to win real money.

1. Starburst

This particular slot machine is one of the most favourite ones among the available ones in New Zealand and has gained much popularity among the players. It is created and developed by the Net entertainment software provider, which is quite renowned, hence it is one of the very best slot games that is very reliable to its players. This game comes with an interface that has space-themed icons, that may appear to be quite simple for most players to play. There are a total of five different reels which come with 10 pay lines; with a design that gives the players an older game arcade. Given that it comes with some of the most basic graphics, it can bring some very fond memories to the players, while keeping them entertained greatly. Also, players can come back every time, with the hope of winning real money because of the readily available bonuses.

2. Beach Life

This particular slot game has a general theme of a dream vacation; which has been beautifully turned into a game. It is very interesting for all New Zealand players who are both seasoned at playing slot games and the very new ones in equal measure; mostly because of its simplicity. Also, the players are kept entertained throughout the gaming process, with graphics that come with amazing visual effects and are of very high quality. This slot machine game comes with some of the most highly paying payouts in comparison to most of the other slot games. With this, the players have an increased chance of being able to have an of winning real money, which is why most players keep coming back. Also, the game comes with great jackpots that can reach the tune of millions, which is a great deal for all the New Zealand players. A player is therefore able to have a chance of getting to easily become rich whenever they get a chance to be able to it the big jackpot. This is what keeps the players coming back over and over again.

3. Desert Treasure

This game is centred around the player being able to find some treasure in a desert. It, therefore, requires great concentration, since it calls for utmost attention and a keen eye, for the player to be in a position whereby they discover where the treasure is hidden. The treasure is only able to be found, by having the right combination of icons, which goes a long way in ensuring that the treasure is sought and that there is enough payout to be able to allow for this to happen. A great incentive about this particular game is the fact that it comes with great bonuses. This, therefore, makes it so easy for the New Zealand players to be able to win large sums of money by making an effort to accurately fine the treasure. The icons for the game are also so cool in their appearance, hence making sure that the players are kept entertained throughout. Some features give a complete representation of desert life, such as the sheiks, cobras, the princesses and several other features. This slot game comes with a bonus round known as the Hidden Oasis, which offers a great chance for the New Zealand players to be able to attain a chance of winning money.

4. Thunderstruck II

This slot game is set up in such a way that the player is taken on an adventure. While on the adventure, the players can have interactions with different mythical beings and several types of gods. The player is kept entertained greatly with so many beautiful graphics. There are specific icons that can have the triggering of some special features, even as the players continue to play. For example, the icon of the nose god, as well as some lighting bulbs can have some special features that help greatly to boost and increase the chances of winning real money. Additionally, some specific hammers tend to work as boosters for increased winning opportunities even as the slot game continues. This slot game comes with an offer of over 243 different pay lines to be played on. One can play anywhere between any of the pay lines all the way to the very full 243 total pay lines. This way, the chances of winning are increased greatly to a greater extent. Players in this New Zealand slot game are therefore able to get an opportunity to increase their chances of being able to win.

5. Magic Seven from Frankie Dettori

This particular slot game comes with a theme for horse racing. The software and graphics for this game are particularly quite top-notch since they have been developed by the Playtech game provider that is well renowned and reputable. Because of this, players can enjoy playing while standing high chances of being able to win great amounts of money. The game is inspired mostly by the successful career of Frankie Dettori, who mostly earned his fame through being a celebrated horse racer. Therefore, this New Zealand slot game is inspired by the aforementioned racer; and has been transferred onto quite a several slot machines. The slot game comes with up to five different reels with a total of 25 pay lines. Also, there are quite a large number of bonus features as well as cards, that stand high chances of giving the players quite a several free spins. It is these free spins that end up enabling the players to have increased chances of winning. To stand a chance to win, the player is required to be able to get up to three identical icons, all in the same pay line. In an event whereby the player can get a total of five different headshots of Frankie Dettori, then they end up getting the mega grand prize of a total of 7,777 times the original amount that had been put on bet. This, therefore, ends up making it much easier for the players to stand a chance of winning greatly, hence is most preferred by most players.