SkyCity – New Zealand’s Online Casino

Online gambling is highly increasing in New Zealand, but the government is not doing much. Thus they are unable to protect their citizens from the harm caused by online gambling. Online gambling is increasing because it got accessed via devices. These devices, including mobile phones, tablet desktops, have highly increased in usage in the recent century. Over 90% of the population can be online; thus, gambling online is more accessible to everyone. Online gambling happens everywhere, including in the bed or toilet; therefore, any minute a citizen can bet regardless of time.

The New Zealanders have invested highly in online casinos and betting. It got estimated that approximately $381 million have flowed in offshore casinos from new Zealanders in 18 months. This increasing rate of online Casinos triggered government intervention to control the industry. The government recommended the 2003 act reviewed to make all the online Casinos and betting sector adapts to the technological changes.

A review got conducted to oversee the recommendations the government proposed. It got discovered that they were more to make the economy better rather than focusing on the harm it caused to its citizens. Also, it encouraged more products for gambling is from New Zealand. And maintain the status quo. The regulations allowed newly licensed operators to market, which is how Sky City came to market. Skycity moved its website to New Zealand for more convenience. Also, the regulations allowed more international firms to invest in New Zealand to boost their economy.

After the government directive, the past local companies like Lotto and TAB changed to online platforms. There is an increase in turnover tremendously by over 60 per cent, and the industry seems to grow high by 2024. Research conducted shows not only in New Zealand the online gambling is growing higher. In the UK, they have licensed both local and international providers. Out of the growing industry, the parliament has declared online gambling as hidden. The MPs are debating how they can limit the number of people who can bet. Australia got forced to ban all online betting from reducing the harm to their citizens.

Due to the harm caused by online gambling, New Zealanders are on how to control it. They are looking for operators who will work in three principles: trusted providers, harm minimization, and community benefit. All this got done to reduce the damage they cause, including stress, mental health, and other trauma that can occur. It is recommended more robust methods need to be put in place to curb credit cards.

SkyCity Casino is among the top online casinos in New Zealand, established in September 2002. They boast many different benefits of signing up including the SkyCity online casino no deposit bonus. Their headquarters are in Auckland, New Zealand. It offers 2100 gambling machines and over 100 gambling tables. It appears to be the second-largest Casino in New Zealand.

SkyCity Casino offers the following

  •  Gaming Machines
  • Table games
  • Premier rewards
  • Table game jackpots
  • Sky city poker
  • VIP gaming
  • Baccarat room

Premier Rewards

It is advisable once you want to join SkyCity Casino to register With Premier rewards. First, you require being over 20 years for you to qualify. You get an application form to fill in your details, including your names, date of birth, email, mobile, address, and country. Once registered, you are become a temporary member and issued with a temporary card. Here you can accumulate points, but they are not redeemable until you become a permanent member. Loyalty points get earned every time you purchase or use any of the services or goods. A membership card is issued and comes with the pin attached to it. Once you are a full member, you are eligible for draws and competitions, and you can have food and beverages.AT this point, you earn premier points, which you can redeem to amazing rewards. Exclusive rewards have access to more information.

Gaming Machines

SkyCity Casino has over 2100 gaming machines. Once with premier rewards, you can transfer points and bonus dollars and get credited directly to the gaming machines. Power winners-Achieved by playing to win premier bonus dollars and is eligible to full members. Free Play-here eligible members get invited to claim Bonus Dollar free at no charge. Quick pay functionality got introduced to ensure a better way to navigate between the gaming machines. Once activated, it allows smooth crediting of funds and debiting and withdrawing funds to a premier rewards card. Crediting or withdrawal can happen in a quick exchange machine or at the cashier in SkyCity Casino.

Table Games

SkyCity Casino has over 100 table games. They include Roulette, Baccarat, Classics blackjack, rapid Baccarat, Pai Gow, Rapid Roulette, etc.

Sky city poker

The poker opens every Sunday from midday to 8 pm. Only four tables are available and encourage cash games only. It entails the below process

  • Royal jackpot-increase every time a Texas cash game gets dealt until a lucky player gets a winning hand.
  • Tournament results are displayed.
  • Table limits-divided into two; no-limit games and pot-limit games.

No limit games limit the number of players a player can wager; hence, all chips can place them. In this case, they offer varying minimum and maximum buy amounts.

Pot limits game limits on the ‘pot ‘but no limit on the number that gets wagered limited to one pot.

VIP Gaming

For the need to offer more exclusive services, VIP gaming got introduced in Sky City Casino. The service receives shown in luxurious ways and an expert team from international to make it more fabulous.

VIP get categorized in exclusive rewards Platinum and VIP black programs.

The following are the programs available:

1. Platinum-Designated for exclusive high-value gaming machine players.

2. VIP Black-assigned for VIP for gaming machines in an ultimate luxury private environment with specific benefits.

3. Domestic team for table machines

4. Domestic team for gaming machines

5. International team for gaming machines

6. International team for table games.