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The Best Online Casino Deposit Options

The best online depositing methods

When it comes to depositing money into an online casino, you have a variety of options. Depositing directly from your bank account is one of the most advantageous methods. There are a variety of applications available to assist you in depositing dollars into a casino account. PayPal, credit cards, and Skrill are examples of them. Below, we’ll go through each of these possibilities in further depth.

Credit Card Options

You might be able to fund your casino gaming activities with a credit card. The most significant aspect of your financing deposit for the casino is that it is legitimate. When monies are being sent, the casino has to know that they are genuinely present. You may finance your Casino gaming account with a credit card, which is fantastic. This is because it makes no difference whether you give the casino cash or credit.

When you win slots, you can win a lot of money with your credit card. Depositing with a credit card is an easy process. You simply need to enter your payment card details. The card number, as well as the expiration date, must be entered. If it’s a Visa, you’ll also need to input the three-digit code on the back.

The procedure for depositing money into your casino account using a credit card is fairly routine. Funding your casino account using a credit card follows the same steps as any other credit card transaction. You can feel safe knowing that your financial information is safe with the casino you’re funding.

Each casino takes extra steps to ensure that your payment information remains private. You will know for certain that only you and the casino have access to your credit card information. This will allow you to relax and enjoy your gaming experience while knowing that your money is safe.


PayPal is another option for depositing money into your casino gaming account. PayPal is a well-known online merchant that was founded several years ago. They have assisted many consumers in funding accounts since their inception. Your PayPal wallet can be topped up from a variety of places. Your credit card or debit card is one of the ways to fund your PayPal wallet.

You can link your credit card or debit card directly to your PayPal wallet. This ensures that when you pay with PayPal, you’re withdrawing money from your credit or debit card. People can also pay you through your PayPal account. When people pay you through PayPal, the money is transferred immediately to your bank account.

This is a simple technique to use, whether you’re using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal wallet to get your money. It’s a completely online system. This technique can be used to deposit funds into your gambling account. We strongly advise you to keep track of your PayPal funds frequently. Before you use PayPal to transfer money into your gambling account, be sure your credit card or debit card has enough funds on it. This will prevent you from incurring any overdrafts or other forms of costs.


What exactly is skrill? This is a similar-in-nature online payment mechanism to PayPal. It’s a digital wallet similar to PayPal. This organization is based in the United Kingdom. Skrill, like PayPal, may be used by attaching it to your debit or credit card.

People can also pay you with Skrill, just like they can with Paypal. This means that you have a variety of payment alternatives on your Skrill account. Skrill can help you locate your online gambling account by linking it to your credit card, debit card, or online skrill wallet.

You should be fully aware of any fees associated with attempting to incorrectly withdraw fees from your wallet, just as you should be with PayPal. If you try to withdraw more money than you have, you can be charged overdraft fees. It is recommended that you maintain a close eye on your Skrill balance to avoid any overdraft penalties. Skrill is a useful online payment mechanism for making online purchases that you should be aware of.

It’s particularly beneficial for obtaining funds for use in online gambling. Skrill may or may not be the ideal alternative for funding your online gaming account. In terms of efficiency, this technique is comparable to PayPal and credit card payments. Credit card payments offer a distinct advantage over other payment options. When you use a credit card to finance your account, you don’t have to have the funds accessible before you start playing.

All you’ll need is a valid credit card with a credit limit for your convenience. You should only withdraw a small amount of money to avoid exceeding your credit limit. All three of these methods are excellent ways to finance your online casino account. Credit cards are advantageous since they allow you to spend more than your available funds. Because PayPal is an entirely online and secure platform, it is a fantastic choice. Skrill is a fantastic choice because it is so convenient.

The Most Popular Slot Games in New Zealand

The online casinos in New Zealand have always worked quite hard in a bid to be able to provide the lovers of the games with some of the most fun slot games, that are super fun to play. New Zealand is actually quite known for its vast variety of online slot games that have gained much popularity over time. Players are therefore able to find amazing slot machine games as well as poker games and video cards from these slot games, that are very interesting to play. Most of these fun slot machine games can be played on online casinos. Listed and discussed in depth below are some of the top online slots in New Zealand that players can play at for opportunities to win real money.

1. Starburst

This particular slot machine is one of the most favourite ones among the available ones in New Zealand and has gained much popularity among the players. It is created and developed by the Net entertainment software provider, which is quite renowned, hence it is one of the very best slot games that is very reliable to its players. This game comes with an interface that has space-themed icons, that may appear to be quite simple for most players to play. There are a total of five different reels which come with 10 pay lines; with a design that gives the players an older game arcade. Given that it comes with some of the most basic graphics, it can bring some very fond memories to the players, while keeping them entertained greatly. Also, players can come back every time, with the hope of winning real money because of the readily available bonuses.

2. Beach Life

This particular slot game has a general theme of a dream vacation; which has been beautifully turned into a game. It is very interesting for all New Zealand players who are both seasoned at playing slot games and the very new ones in equal measure; mostly because of its simplicity. Also, the players are kept entertained throughout the gaming process, with graphics that come with amazing visual effects and are of very high quality. This slot machine game comes with some of the most highly paying payouts in comparison to most of the other slot games. With this, the players have an increased chance of being able to have an of winning real money, which is why most players keep coming back. Also, the game comes with great jackpots that can reach the tune of millions, which is a great deal for all the New Zealand players. A player is therefore able to have a chance of getting to easily become rich whenever they get a chance to be able to it the big jackpot. This is what keeps the players coming back over and over again.

3. Desert Treasure

This game is centred around the player being able to find some treasure in a desert. It, therefore, requires great concentration, since it calls for utmost attention and a keen eye, for the player to be in a position whereby they discover where the treasure is hidden. The treasure is only able to be found, by having the right combination of icons, which goes a long way in ensuring that the treasure is sought and that there is enough payout to be able to allow for this to happen. A great incentive about this particular game is the fact that it comes with great bonuses. This, therefore, makes it so easy for the New Zealand players to be able to win large sums of money by making an effort to accurately fine the treasure. The icons for the game are also so cool in their appearance, hence making sure that the players are kept entertained throughout. Some features give a complete representation of desert life, such as the sheiks, cobras, the princesses and several other features. This slot game comes with a bonus round known as the Hidden Oasis, which offers a great chance for the New Zealand players to be able to attain a chance of winning money.

4. Thunderstruck II

This slot game is set up in such a way that the player is taken on an adventure. While on the adventure, the players can have interactions with different mythical beings and several types of gods. The player is kept entertained greatly with so many beautiful graphics. There are specific icons that can have the triggering of some special features, even as the players continue to play. For example, the icon of the nose god, as well as some lighting bulbs can have some special features that help greatly to boost and increase the chances of winning real money. Additionally, some specific hammers tend to work as boosters for increased winning opportunities even as the slot game continues. This slot game comes with an offer of over 243 different pay lines to be played on. One can play anywhere between any of the pay lines all the way to the very full 243 total pay lines. This way, the chances of winning are increased greatly to a greater extent. Players in this New Zealand slot game are therefore able to get an opportunity to increase their chances of being able to win.

5. Magic Seven from Frankie Dettori

This particular slot game comes with a theme for horse racing. The software and graphics for this game are particularly quite top-notch since they have been developed by the Playtech game provider that is well renowned and reputable. Because of this, players can enjoy playing while standing high chances of being able to win great amounts of money. The game is inspired mostly by the successful career of Frankie Dettori, who mostly earned his fame through being a celebrated horse racer. Therefore, this New Zealand slot game is inspired by the aforementioned racer; and has been transferred onto quite a several slot machines. The slot game comes with up to five different reels with a total of 25 pay lines. Also, there are quite a large number of bonus features as well as cards, that stand high chances of giving the players quite a several free spins. It is these free spins that end up enabling the players to have increased chances of winning. To stand a chance to win, the player is required to be able to get up to three identical icons, all in the same pay line. In an event whereby the player can get a total of five different headshots of Frankie Dettori, then they end up getting the mega grand prize of a total of 7,777 times the original amount that had been put on bet. This, therefore, ends up making it much easier for the players to stand a chance of winning greatly, hence is most preferred by most players.

SkyCity – New Zealand’s Online Casino

Online gambling is highly increasing in New Zealand, but the government is not doing much. Thus they are unable to protect their citizens from the harm caused by online gambling. Online gambling is increasing because it got accessed via devices. These devices, including mobile phones, tablet desktops, have highly increased in usage in the recent century. Over 90% of the population can be online; thus, gambling online is more accessible to everyone. Online gambling happens everywhere, including in the bed or toilet; therefore, any minute a citizen can bet regardless of time.

The New Zealanders have invested highly in online casinos and betting. It got estimated that approximately $381 million have flowed in offshore casinos from new Zealanders in 18 months. This increasing rate of online Casinos triggered government intervention to control the industry. The government recommended the 2003 act reviewed to make all the online Casinos and betting sector adapts to the technological changes.

A review got conducted to oversee the recommendations the government proposed. It got discovered that they were more to make the economy better rather than focusing on the harm it caused to its citizens. Also, it encouraged more products for gambling is from New Zealand. And maintain the status quo. The regulations allowed newly licensed operators to market, which is how Sky City came to market. Skycity moved its website to New Zealand for more convenience. Also, the regulations allowed more international firms to invest in New Zealand to boost their economy.

After the government directive, the past local companies like Lotto and TAB changed to online platforms. There is an increase in turnover tremendously by over 60 per cent, and the industry seems to grow high by 2024. Research conducted shows not only in New Zealand the online gambling is growing higher. In the UK, they have licensed both local and international providers. Out of the growing industry, the parliament has declared online gambling as hidden. The MPs are debating how they can limit the number of people who can bet. Australia got forced to ban all online betting from reducing the harm to their citizens.

Due to the harm caused by online gambling, New Zealanders are on how to control it. They are looking for operators who will work in three principles: trusted providers, harm minimization, and community benefit. All this got done to reduce the damage they cause, including stress, mental health, and other trauma that can occur. It is recommended more robust methods need to be put in place to curb credit cards.

SkyCity Casino is among the top online casinos in New Zealand, established in September 2002. They boast many different benefits of signing up including the SkyCity online casino no deposit bonus. Their headquarters are in Auckland, New Zealand. It offers 2100 gambling machines and over 100 gambling tables. It appears to be the second-largest Casino in New Zealand.

SkyCity Casino offers the following

  •  Gaming Machines
  • Table games
  • Premier rewards
  • Table game jackpots
  • Sky city poker
  • VIP gaming
  • Baccarat room

Premier Rewards

It is advisable once you want to join SkyCity Casino to register With Premier rewards. First, you require being over 20 years for you to qualify. You get an application form to fill in your details, including your names, date of birth, email, mobile, address, and country. Once registered, you are become a temporary member and issued with a temporary card. Here you can accumulate points, but they are not redeemable until you become a permanent member. Loyalty points get earned every time you purchase or use any of the services or goods. A membership card is issued and comes with the pin attached to it. Once you are a full member, you are eligible for draws and competitions, and you can have food and beverages.AT this point, you earn premier points, which you can redeem to amazing rewards. Exclusive rewards have access to more information.

Gaming Machines

SkyCity Casino has over 2100 gaming machines. Once with premier rewards, you can transfer points and bonus dollars and get credited directly to the gaming machines. Power winners-Achieved by playing to win premier bonus dollars and is eligible to full members. Free Play-here eligible members get invited to claim Bonus Dollar free at no charge. Quick pay functionality got introduced to ensure a better way to navigate between the gaming machines. Once activated, it allows smooth crediting of funds and debiting and withdrawing funds to a premier rewards card. Crediting or withdrawal can happen in a quick exchange machine or at the cashier in SkyCity Casino.

Table Games

SkyCity Casino has over 100 table games. They include Roulette, Baccarat, Classics blackjack, rapid Baccarat, Pai Gow, Rapid Roulette, etc.

Sky city poker

The poker opens every Sunday from midday to 8 pm. Only four tables are available and encourage cash games only. It entails the below process

  • Royal jackpot-increase every time a Texas cash game gets dealt until a lucky player gets a winning hand.
  • Tournament results are displayed.
  • Table limits-divided into two; no-limit games and pot-limit games.

No limit games limit the number of players a player can wager; hence, all chips can place them. In this case, they offer varying minimum and maximum buy amounts.

Pot limits game limits on the ‘pot ‘but no limit on the number that gets wagered limited to one pot.

VIP Gaming

For the need to offer more exclusive services, VIP gaming got introduced in Sky City Casino. The service receives shown in luxurious ways and an expert team from international to make it more fabulous.

VIP get categorized in exclusive rewards Platinum and VIP black programs.

The following are the programs available:

1. Platinum-Designated for exclusive high-value gaming machine players.

2. VIP Black-assigned for VIP for gaming machines in an ultimate luxury private environment with specific benefits.

3. Domestic team for table machines

4. Domestic team for gaming machines

5. International team for gaming machines

6. International team for table games.

What Makes Auckland Online Casinos Safe?

Auckland Online Casinos

Online casino, unlike land-based casinos, is safe and secured. Online casinos are the significant space punters look forward to playing as the casino brings bonuses and rewards along with it. However, there are few websites out there that project fraud content and have a great tendency to breach your data and hack your system. Thanks to cybersecurity and its subdivisions for helping to get rid of online scams and frauds. Furthermore, we will see some of the safest online casinos you can play to grab a win at Auckland. Without creating any further ado, let us hit the pavement, shall we?

What are the few elements that make the online casino trustworthy?

If you are a beginner who is looking forward to playing at an online casino, you must make sure that the following points are met when you check the best online casino website.

1. Secure software
2. Bonus terms and conditions
3. Safety and scam protection
4. Quality customer service
5. Deposits and withdrawals

Top Safe Online Casinos Found in Auckland

1. Jackpot City Casino

Gambling Expansion

When you play in a Jackpot City Casino, you can be sure that all the above-given safety points are met. All of the security platforms are met, and you don’t have to think about indulging in scams in any way. However, this is one of the best features that make the casino outstanding. It is also one of the significant points that make the casino best to play ever in Auckland. The casino was established in the year 1998, and ever since then, the casino has grown to popularity. Also, to increase its popularity and name, the casino has bagged Best of Online Gaming award. The online casino is best for offering more than 600 games comprising of variations of slots, blackjack, live dealer, roulette, video poker, and baccarat.

2. Spin Palace

Spin PalaceThe second one on the list is none other the Spin Palace famous for its second place to title as the best customer support online casino one can ever find in Auckland. The casino is best recommended for and by many players across the land. Comprising over more than 600 games, few of them are slots, video poker, live dealer, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, keno, craps, and scratch cards. Apart from that, the online casino also offers the best traditional as well as conventional games.

3. Royal Vegas Online Casino

Royal Vegas Online Casino

The third one to top the safe online casino list from New Zealand is the Royal Vegas Online Casino, which was established in 2000. The games one can see in this casino are all owned by the Microgaming group. You will be shocked to find out that the casino is famous for offering the best games along with customer experience.


If you are a person who is looking forward to playing in an online casino from Auckland, New Zealand, you must never forget to look at these above-given casinos. Not only are they pure and safe, but offers more variety of games for you to play the entire week to a year.

Info About Online Casinos: New Zealand


The online casino sites in New Zealand have been known to offer a huge variety of games. They also have a lot of schemes where they offer many bonus offers. They give you a welcome bonus is that can go up to thousands of New Zealand dollars. They make it really attractive, and they attract a lot of customers. They have a system that has been working so far. The variety of games they have is extraordinary. A lot of gamblers, all around the world have said that the selection of games that they carry is beautiful.
Here is some random information about these casinos that run on the Internet.

1. The signup process is something that I will be discussing. By New Zealand law, online casinos have to adhere to strict requirements on the verification of player data, upon sign up. They also ensure that the features help the patrons. They even have some deposit limits which are easily set for responsible gambling. A lot of people have problems when it comes to gambling, because they feel like gambling all the time. That is definitely a problem. These casinos have limits which are set on the amount of money that you can deposit in the casino account. For the more, the best online casinos in New Zealand will also have a clear and easy way to use the casino. A lot of people have described it as a painless experience.

online casinos
2. Now let us talk about payments. Players definitely want a huge variety of choices that comes to payment options. A lot of people have said that they do not trust the financial aspect of online casinos. We have tested the withdrawal and deposit options of these online casinos with the help of debit cards and credit cards. We have tested E-wallets as well. Bank transfers were a pain, but they definitely work. They even support PayPal. I would also like to add that these transactions are fast, safe and secure. All of the casino payouts were hassle-free, and they were easy. They have also made it easy for you to collect your hard-won money.
3. A lot of them boast a whole lot of unique features. These casinos do not provide the same old experience, because they have become boring. These new Zealand casinos have been known to compete with some of the best casinos, when it comes to technology, attractive elements and a first-class experience as well.
4. Now let us talk about security and support. Thanks to the staff of the casino, they can engage with the customers on live chat, email and telephone.

5. They also provide an amazing mobile experience. They have provided all kinds of applications which the players can use.

Top 4 Online Casinos Found in New Zealand


You many know New Zealand as the smallest place where you can find richness in education institutions and sports. The land is famous for giving birth to some of the greatest casinos in the world. You may ask whether gambling is legal in New Zealand. Unfortunately, it is, unless it is governed and owned by the Gambling Act 2003. But, one can find as many casinos in New Zealand attracting a lot of gamblers onboard. Apart from land-based casinos, the land has also seen the emergence of online casinos. The online casinos, from its beginning stages, onwards have attracted a lot of players and are still a platform that grabs a lot of profits. Read on to find out various online casinos found in New Zealand.

1. William Hill Casino

The first and the topmost online casino famous in New Zealand is none other than the William Hill Casino. The online casino provides the best winning prizes and bonuses along with other rewards. If you are a person who likes to switch in between games, you must be intrigued to find out the online casino provides enough games for you to play. Microgaming, Playtech, and IGT produce almost all the games provided by the online casino. If you are looking forward to a safe and secured gaming platform, you must look forward to playing on William Hill Casino. Also, the clients can make a transaction if you are from EUR, USD, GBP, CAD, AUD, DKK, SEK, JPY, SGD, HKD, and CHF.

2. BitStarz Casino

Those who don’t know, the casino is known as the first Bitcoin casino ever made in New Zealand. You can play on EUR and Bitcoin transactions. The software developers are provided by the NetEnt and offer some of the best gaming features for the customers. Also, the games provided by the online casino have bought many graphics and sounds to make the best gaming experience. You can find many slots and table games for the customers so; you don’t have to worry about running out of games.


3. G’Day Casino

If you are looking for a platform that is an entertainment-filled playground, you must consider G’Day Casino. One can find many games suitable for loyal customers as well as new players. The games provided by the G’Day Casino are operated by the White Hat Gaming Limited that is licensed by the UK gambling space. Players emerging from CAD, EUR, GBP, NOK, NZD, SEK and ZAR can do the transaction.

4. Casino.com

The final one we are discussing here is Casino.com, which is famous for high-quality graphics and amazing sound effects. Players emerging from various parts can deposit the money in EUR, GBP, USD, CAD, AUD, CHF, HKD, JPY, NOK, NZD, SEK, and ZAR. The online casino is provided by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission and the UK Gambling Commission.


If you are looking for residing or visiting New Zealand, you must consider looking at these online casinos. Online gambling in New Zealand is not legalized, but there are few games one can play, and you can see that in the above given points.

The Best Online Casino Sites: New Zealand

Casino Cards

In this guide, I will be discussing a few things about the best online casinos in New Zealand. After reading this guide, you will be able to choose the best one for you.
Here is how I review the best casino sites that I can find. I have spent years developing a team and a system that would evaluate some of the best online casinos for New Zealand. Although there are thousands of casinos which are available, not a lot of than make it to the top list, which is only filled with the best quality sites. There is a very thorough screening process that I employ. I make sure I reasonably evaluate all of them. I always go with an approach which considers both pros and cons.

Any casino that does not offer transparency as to how they evaluate the casino and their dealings, should not at all be trusted with your money or your time.
You should always choose the casino sites which are transparent about how they conduct their affairs.
This competitive world of online casinos in New Zealand definitely has a huge range of promotions, bonus offers and all kinds of services to pull you in to their site. They have a huge range of existing players, and they have hordes of new people who are joining every single day. They include a comprehensive program for VIPs with a lot of transparent terms and conditions. They even include very fair wagering requirements. There are some bonus cards which are provided so that you can claim the offers. You can even include cashback as one of the offers that they provide. If you are a VIP in these casinos, you will be treated as a VIP.

huge selection

There is a huge selection of games. The best casino sites in New Zealand offer full complete online casino service which will consist of life dealer play, all kinds of game tables like roulette, blackjack, poker, slot machines and more. They also provide you with all kinds of progressive jackpots and some of the best games that you can get in an online casino. The casino software at these casino sites are top-notch, and only those are considered by us. We even consider payout rates. We only take in the verified rates.

Here is a list of some of these casinos.
1. Casumo has more than 2200 gems, and it almost has 40 live games. It offers 100% welcome bonuses, and it could go up to NZ$1200. They are an amazing site indeed.

2. Playzee is a great site that offers more than 1700 games. They also have almost 20 live games. They offer a 100% welcome bonus which could go up to NZ$1500.

Gambling Industry In New Zealand


Despite having only a small number of casinos in New Zealand, gaming is a widespread culture among citizens. The gambling industry generates a revenue of $2 billion every year in New Zealand. With only seven real money casinos available in New Zealand, the citizens are looking to try out their hands on the online gambling platforms. Sports betting is also a major interest for people but can only be found under expensive bookmakers.

A wide population of locals in New Zealand regularly wager, which has turned the gambling culture into one of the country’s major cultural attractions. The gambling industry has always been growing, but there have been many changes in the regulations of the game in recent years. It has put limitations on the growth of the gambling industry. Due to this reason, there are no more casinos allowed to open in the territory of New Zealand. The law was not passed until the early 1990s. It was only after the quick growth of the first-ever casino in the country (est. in 1994) received a positive response from the locals.

The legislation for gambling

All matters of the gambling industry are handled by the Department of Internal Affairs. The department holds the responsibility of taking any actions to monitor and regulate the casino and sports betting activities. It operates its duties on the basis of the Gambling Act of 2003, which was passed to control the gambling scene in New Zealand.

gambling CasinoAccording to the legislation, any interactive gambling on the internet is banned in New Zealand. But it has certain exceptions for lotteries, the Racing Board, and the schemes that a business can run in the form of a lottery. After passing the law in 2003, the gambling act of New Zealand. Soon after the act was passed, there was a new body formed to handle the matters of gambling, which is currently the Gambling Commission of NZ. This body started operating in 2004. Apart from monitoring the gambling scene in New Zealand, it also deals with the problems of non-casino gambling operators.

After 2004, the Gambling Commission made several changes to the gambling industry. The major decision by the commission and the Gambling Act was to control gambling by limiting the casinos to the operators who have already been licensed to host casinos.

Online gambling is prohibited under the Gambling Act of 2003. But the citizens can play some lotteries and sports betting games, under-regulated operators. Online gambling is also referred to as remote interactive gambling as it uses a variety of communication methods, including telephones, radios, and computers.

The internet hosts the National Lottery for New Zealand locals today. Several other lottery games are available online, offered by the operator Totalizer Agency Board. These are the only two legal lottery entities allowed to offer online gambling in the country.

Popular Online Casinos in New Zealand


Online casinos in New Zealand are only allowed to function under restricted guidelines. None of the online casino operators are allowed to operate on the territory of New Zealand. The only two legal online gambling platforms are operated by the New Zealand Lotteries Commission and the Totalizer Agency Board. However, the use of foreign gambling websites is not prohibited by New Zealand’s government. The locals can freely use online platforms to play their favorite games without being questioned for it. This is also the reason why casino operators from around the world show a special interest in providing the best online casino games in New Zealand. Here are the popular online casinos that are available in New Zealand.

William Hill Casino

William Hill Casino

William Hill Casino provides a long list of innovative and rewarding games. The platform features some of the best games from popular game developers like Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt. The games are well balanced and fair to play. The UK Gambling Commission licenses William Hill Casino. Since it is a worldwide online casino, it accepts more than ten major currencies around the world.

BitStarz Casino

BitStarz Casino offers an entertaining online platform that accepts bitcoins. The platform mainly consists of the best games from NetEnt that promise HD graphics and interactive gameplay. There are tons of exclusive features added by BitStarz Casino for every game. There are progressive jackpots for players who want to go for the big wins. The slot machines and table games are interactive and engaging to keep the virtual gaming experience lively for gamers. BitStarz is regulated in Curacao by a company called Direx N.V. and follows the gambling laws of Curacao.

G’Day Casino

G’Day Casino is a rewarding and fair gaming platform made to reward the new members as well as loyal gamers. There are enough promotions for all players to enjoy their games without making any investments. The games are powered by two of the leading game developers in the world, Microgaming and NetEnt. The platform is licensed under the UK Gambling Commission and the Maltese Gaming Authority. It also accepts NZD for providing easy transactions to gamers from New Zealand.

Mansion Casino

Mansion CasinoMansion casino is an old and leading casino operator in the industry that promises the best entertainment to gamers. There are plenty of promotions available for gamers to have better chances of winning. Most of the games here are provided by Playtech. It is a safe platform for gamers who are new to online gaming. Mansion Casino holds the license to operate online under the Gibraltar Gambling Commission and the UK Gambling Commission. The platform accepts the NZD currency alongside ten other international currencies that help the players to avoid the conversion fee and play with their entire entertainment budget.

SkyCity Auckland Casino to Open Again Alongside All Its International Branches


The brick and mortar casinos around the world have faced a slow decline in traffic after the Covid-19 situation struck the whole world. The casinos were forced to close down under the precautionary measures of the states for over five months in 2020. Now with the situation that seems to be under control, many casinos have requested the state authority to reopen under health and safety measures that apply for other public places. Around 1,000 casinos reopened in the US in October, along with many other casinos around the world. The SkyCity casinos are reopening again for players around the world. The government of NZ has also approved the reopening of the SkyCity Auckland Casino.

jackpotThe casinos will have to follow the same precautionary measures as the public areas to keep a safe environment for their guests. Everyone in the casinos needs to wear a mask, keep social distancing, and follow the severe capacity restrictions of the casino. As the New Zealand officials have officially lifted all the restrictions due to coronavirus, the SkyCity Auckland Casino is ready to open its doors once again. To celebrate the relaunch, the Sky Tower lit up in a rainbow as a thanking gesture for the permission and to alter all the locals to start visiting them again.


The New Zealand Government has officially announced that there are no Covid-19 cases recorded in the country, and the lockdown will be lifted from all public places. New Zealand has been the most successful country to deal with the current pandemic. The alert level for the country has gone down to Alert 1. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern shared the good news in an interview where she mentioned, “We can let ourselves once again feel pride that we managed to get to that position together.”


The protective face masks and covering are no longer mandatory in the public areas, but it is still a precautionary measure that is encouraged while using public transport and places. Ever since the pandemic struck the country, the government took early measures to understand the problem and build effective quarantine facilities in hotels to quickly implement the right measures. An app was designed to keep track of people who had symptoms of Covid-19. Even though new cases peaked during late March, the daily new cases remained under 100. By August, New Zealand has zero new cases and only a few cases in the coming weeks. Auckland was on Alert Level 3 as it was a major city and was majorly under the impact of the pandemic. It invoked lockdowns around the city, and all public places were shut down, including the SkyCity Casino. The Prime Minister recently announced that the situation is under control, and the public places can open once again.